The street and house front of a tenement building. The front is skeletal entirely. The main acting area is the living room–din ing room of Eddie's apartment. It is a . LangLit ISSN An International Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal ASSERTIVES IN ARTHUR MILLER'S A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE DR. BALAJI. appropriate and write a critical essay. 6 – Planning Critical Essays. Focus on past cri tical essay questions that are suitable for A View from the Bridge.

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“A VIEW FROM. THE BRIDGE” BY. ARTHUR MILLER. STUDY PACK. This study pack is designed to help you prepare for the critical essay element of the Critical. This free PDF version is available from deotertuachartpep.ga © Andrew In , A View from the Bridge was revised for a new London production. The verse. A View from the Bridge - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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A View from the Bridge

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No notes for slide. Eddie Carbone is a longshoreman and a straightforward man, with a strong sense of decency and of honour. For Eddie, it's a privilege to take in his wife's cousins, Marco and Rodolpho, straight off the boat from Italy..

You just clipped your first slide! Before it we see the only extended episode of tenderness and romantic love in the play we know Catherine has spent time with Rodolpho but we have not seen them alone together, and this is the first time they have been together in the house.

From this mood of delicacy and tenderness true love we move to a shocking and violent parody of love, with overtones of incest and homosexual rape. And what we see disgusts us as much as it does Catherine. Perhaps he has drunk to summon up the bravado for what he is about to do. Eddie crows over the beaten Rodolpho, but his is a hollow and pathetic victory. Episode 7 In this brief episode, Alfieri counsels Eddie to no avail.

Alfieri does not repeat his earlier comment on the only law which can help Eddie, but sees that desperation will lead him to betray Marco and Rodolpho, and repeatedly warns him against it. The glowing of the phone booth clearly indicates in visual theatrical terms how the idea first occurs to Eddie, then becomes irresistible.

Episode 8 We do not know if Louis and Mike notice where Eddie has been.

They might wonder what reason he has to use the phone. Beatrice means the kiss, of course, but Eddie may think for a split second that she has guessed what he has since done to Rodolpho.

AM Eddie seems relaxed until he learns of Mrs. He at once insists on moving these men out. The set design again allows the audience to see how futile this is, as the immigration officers are already entering the building.

We feel revulsion as Eddie invites Catherine to consider whether or not he has ever told her anything that was for her good. He has done this, for honourable motives, in the past, but he is now appealing to the trust he has so horribly betrayed.

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Marco twice breaks free from the arresting officers: The stage directions indicate the response of those around; one by one, they turn their backs on Eddie, thereby showing their readiness to believe the accusation. Eddie is left to shout defiant threats to Marco. Episode 9 In this brief episode, Alfieri counsels Marco.

Though Eddie would die for such a betrayal in Sicily, Alfieri will only put up bail for Marco if he gives his word not to harm him. Although certain to be deported, Marco has the chance to work for five or six weeks, and Rodolpho, by marrying Catherine, will be able to stay.

This makes the betrayal utterly futile.

About A View from the Bridge

Moreover, the threat of deportation ensures that the marriage takes place at once. Episode 10 Beatrice is torn between loyalty to Catherine, whose wedding she feels a duty to attend, and to Eddie. She wishes to stand by Eddie, as all others have deserted him. Catherine calls him a rat, who bites and poisons and belongs in the garbage, but she is weeping as she says it.

Moved by generosity and perhaps an understanding that his bride still loves Eddie Rodolpho proposes a solution. He apologizes to Eddie and suggests that Marco may be placated if he can believe that Eddie and Rodolpho are friends now. But Eddie has no interest in this offer. What he wants is his name, and only Marco, who has taken it, can return it. What he is asking is impossible: Now Beatrice suggests that what Eddie really wants is something quite different, but just as obviously unattainable: He demands that Marco retract his accusation and restore to him his good name and status in the community, without which his life is of no value.

AM him, at which Eddie pulls a knife on him. In this short episode we see the whole play recapitulated in some ways, as Eddie confronts in turn Beatrice, Catherine, Rodolpho, Beatrice again and Marco. Eddie is supported by the two women as he dies.

He is killed by his own hand, an obvious metaphor for his self-destruction. It can be noted briefly here that these are used to mark the divisions between the episodes, which may be hours or weeks apart, and to supply linking narrative or background details.

You may do this for the play generally or for a specific episode. It gives a clear sense of how the play might work in performance. You might like to think about the reasons for some of the choices Nicole made, and whether you would do likewise, or something different. I am grateful to Nicole for supplying these notes. I was recently dramaturg for a production of A View from the Bridge. The theater has a relatively small stage, which is ideal for A View from the Bridge.

The small stage gave the action a cramped feel - which conveyed, in physical terms, the unhealthy closeness that had developed between Eddie and Catherine. At the same time, a sense of community was created by having the actors make some of their entrances from the back of the auditorium. This is how Marco and Rodolpho made their first entrance, and when Eddie made his fateful phone call, he was standing near a row of audience seats.

The audience could clearly see his desperate facial expressions as he made the call; he looked like a man completely mastered by his emotions. The actor who played Eddie in the production was smaller of physical stature then one usually imagines Eddie to be. Consequently, his fate seemed a true tragedy. His feelings for Catherine seemed like unusually strong love and concern, rather than like lust.

Though certainly not incapable of violent emotion, this Eddie was basically a decent and loving man who — tragically — never really knew himself. One thing that made this production of A View from the Bridge different from others is that the Act II scene involving Alfieri, Rodolpho, and Marco when Marco is in the prison after his arrest was performed partially in Italian.

So that the audience would be sure to understand what was being said, the English version of the line was usually repeated afterwards, if it was an important line. I did the translation myself and taught the actors how to pronounce it. Doing the scene this way reminded the audience that all three of the characters in the scene — Alfieri, Marco, and Rodolpho — had a shared background, though Alfieri had been in America for a much longer time and had achieved respect and high standing in the community.

Overview and close-up You cannot possibly write in great detail about everything in this play.

A View from the Bridge

Try to balance general comment about the whole of the play, its broad themes, characters and relationships, with detailed and specific explanations of short episodes. Finally, make a judgement Give your opinion of the play - what you like or dislike about it. Try to be positive and to relate your comments closely to the detail of the play. AM A title for your work There is no one perfect title, but the title you use should indicate what you have written about.

At the most basic level, you might write about character, action, dramatic devices and structures in A View from the Bridge. If you were more ambitious, you might take as your title something like: If you concentrate on how to present the play for performance, your title could reflect this — A View from the Bridge in performance.

Presenting your work Theatre is a practical art - your work should recognize this. You may want to include illustrations, sketches, diagrams and plans, to show your ideas about the set, costume, lighting and so on. Refer to the audience not the reader. Do not refer to the book but to the play, performance or production.

Set out quotations conventionally, using quotation marks. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. A Tragic Hero? Jump to Page. Search inside document. She is bitter in her condemnation of Eddie after he has betrayed Originally published on www. Detailed commentary on the play Episode 1 The dialogue suggests initially a happy family atmosphere, though we wonder if Eddie is over-protective of Catherine.

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Mohamed Hussein. The Golden Age and Genre Poetics. Effect on audience If the characters spoke without an accent and made no grammatical errors we would not believe in them so easily. We can compare the way Eddie and his family speak with the way Alfieri speaks; he still has an American accent but he makes no errors and pronounces his words correctly. Therefore we accept him as an authority figure.

This shows how Eddie considers his way is the only way. He is authoritarian in his insistence on Catherine finishing her course.

Play Reading in English - A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller

Eddie is trying to build a case against Rodolpho to show that he has what could be considered womanly traits. Effect on audience Miller uses this interruption early on in the play to let the audience see that Eddie can be domineering with the women in his life. The effect on the audience is subtle. Dramatic pauses How? At the very end of Act one, Marco challenges Eddie to a contest of strength. He invites him to lift a chair by its leg.

When Eddie fails, Marco simply says, Here. He then proceeds to lift the chair above his head as he would with a weapon.Effect on audience If the characters spoke without an accent and made no grammatical errors we would not believe in them so easily. Language The device of depicting Italian and Sicilian immigrants, enables Miller to make them more or less articulate in English.

But, like the protagonist of the ancient drama, he has a flaw or weakness. Alfieri intends to restrict and divert Eddie from going against his own tradition. It soon becomes obvious that, apart from Alfieri, who is educated, all the characters speak in a Brooklyn slang, with many words left unfinished and incorrect grammatical sentences.

Searle J. Once more, the other characters watch the action attentively. Alfieri can remain on stage throughout, if need be: