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AiT Semiconductor Inc. deotertuachartpep.ga AP OFF LINE SMPS PRIMARY SWITCHER. GREEN POWER. REV -NOV Released -. - 1 -. DESCRIPTION. The AP combines a Pulse Width Modulation. (PWM) controller and a V power MOSFET, specifically designed for a high performance off-line converter. ap, AiT Semiconductor Inc. deotertuachartpep.ga‐deotertuachartpep.ga AP OFF LINE SMPS PRIMARY SWITCHER, deotertuachartpep.ga

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(PDF) AP Datasheet PDF, AP Chipown GREEN POWER OFF LINE SMPS PRIMARY SWITCHE Features z 85v to v wide range AC voltage input z. Part Number: AP, AiT Semiconductor, File Type: PDF, Document: AP PDF OFF LINE SMPS PRIMARY SWITCHER GREEN POWER, Datasheet pdf. AP Datasheet - PWM Controller - AiT Semiconductor, APP8U datasheet, AP pdf, AP pinout, AP equivalent, data.

I think I would fit a decent sized external zener, maybe 24v to be certain. If its fully operational above I feel there is probably quite a bit of scope here for reliable low voltage operation with probably a fairly simple modification. My testing has been limited to the bench supply that can only go up to 47 volts but so far, at 40v they start up but go unstable under load - sometimes it stays alive, other times its squegging.

At my full 47v, the idle current is just under 3mA and with a 95mA load fan its pulling 40mA from the supply so not very efficient. I've not investigated where the heat is appearing yet.

I plan to change one of the feedback resistors to drop it from 12v to 5v and then use a AMS linear regulator there is space on the board for one to give me 3. The one I tested needed about 50v to 60v to keep running at about half full rated load.

The bootstrap circuit just does not have enough puff to keep it alive after the initial kick start, with any useful load on the output as it is. If you can feed some additional current into C6 direct from the dc input that should run the chip continuously with little or no help needed from the bootstrap winding.

These supplies are so cheap and so small, I feel they are well worth the trouble of persevering with.

The board incorporates both a buck and buck-boost variant of the converter. The outline dimensions are 38x29mm. Assembly top side trough-hole components and solder bottom SMD components side can be seen in Figure 2 and Figure 3.

PDF AP8012 Fiche technique - AiT Semiconductor

The holes for through-hole components are not seen in the picture. The physical appearance of the converter can be observed from Figure 5. Figure 5: Picture of the Converter 2. It shows the variation of the output voltage with output current at specific DC input voltage.


Figure 7 shows the variation of the output voltage with input DC voltage change. The output current is the parameter in this case. Figure 8 depicts the dependency of the efficiency on the input voltage parameter is output current while Figure 9 shows the dependency on the output current parameter is input voltage. Channel 4 red shows the inductor current. The purpose of those pictures is to demonstrate the skipping cycle function at light or no-load condition and cycle-by-cycle primary current limitation at overload or output shorted condition.

The measurements were performed at VAC input voltage and the 15V output was fully loaded by mA load.

The presented results depicted from Figure 18 to Figure 21 show the results. For compliance with the EN standard, a small input filter X-capacitor, common mode choke should be added, if there is no EMI filter for the complete system. Alternatively, a double sided pcb can be used. The output current flowing to the output capacitor C3 is discontinuous for the buck-boost converter unlike the above described buck converter.

During primary switch ON-time the inductor current flows through the inductor to ground and not to the output capacitor as for buck converter. As soon as the primary switch is turned off, the inductor reverses the voltage between its terminals and current starts to flow through the forward biased D5 diode and charges the output capacitor C3.

In this switch-off phase the source terminal of the VIPer12 sees negative level of forward biased D5 and negative output voltage when referenced to ground.

The converter is called inverting. It is because the output voltage is negative compared to the input voltage referred to the same common ground.

SMPS Output Voltage drop When Load Connected to it

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I would bet that because the aux winding low for higher voltage, its not getting enough juice to maintain uvlo..

AP8012 Datasheet

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